The Beginning

Welcome to the home of B.A.D PRODUCTIONS!

Currently there are many projects being worked on. Scripts are being written and a proper schedule is being created in order to dictate when filming for each project will begin. B.A.D PRODUCTIONS doesn't focus on one particular genre, we intend to create content that'll be loved by fans from all over the world to enjoy. The first project to lookout for will be a short film titled "Greatness" that focuses on overcoming obstacles in order to reach to where you want to be in life. .

Focusing on the story being told is the top priority. We don't want viewers to feel like they're just watching a show or film just to enjoy the visual effects. Making sure the story is both compelling and logical is something that's truly important. Content and the quality of that content plays a significant role in the things we create.

The idea behind this production studio was generated from the creative mind of T'Challa Chisholm. After learning how to properly write a script and studying numerous television shows and movies the creator of this production studio began to create his own content.

Standing out from the norm of shows and movies is a goal of this brand. Creating content not only for theatrical release and television, but also YouTube content creating YouTube original serieses for kids as well as adults. Content such as cartoons, drama shows, and action thrillers. All content will be created with all ages in mind.

Despite the name of our brand having the word "bad" in its name, don't make that confuse you. Our B.A.D actually stands for something. With numerous production studios existing choosing a name that'll have ours stand out was the goal. Below is a list of some upcoming projects.

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Soon To Be Released:

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